White Sapphire- Your Simple Buyer's Sapphire Guide

What is white sapphire gemstone:

Sapphire is a type of aluminum oxide that comes from a family of minerals called corundum. While sapphires are mainly known to their gorgeous blue colors, many other colors exists, such as pink, yellow, green and white. 


White sapphire is a colorless gemstone, and it tends to have more inclusions and blemishes than diamonds, but most AAA graded white sapphire gemstones  are unnoticeable with the naked eye. Unlike the rainbow flash/sparkle diamond has, white sapphire sparkle is more a silvery-white gray. 


White sapphires gemstones are graded A, AA and AAA. We only use AAA quality gemstones which are the highest gemstone quality available. 


Diamonds are the hardest gemstone with a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, and sapphires are right behind them with a 9 on the Mohs Scale. White sapphires are generally durable, and resistant to chipping and cracks. 

White Sapphire vs. Diamonds:

Due to its hardness and colorless appearance, white sapphires have become a popular substitute for diamonds in jewelry for its own uniqueness and low cost.    There is no doubt that diamonds will always win in terms of fire, brilliance, durability and value, however to an untrained eye, the two are quite similar in appearance.


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