14k solid gold ring fine jewelry handcrafted

Meet Our Metals

 What is 14k gold?
The purity of gold is measured by karats, 24k being the maximum and 9k being the minimum. A 24k gold jewelry contains 100% of pure solid gold, therefore is a very soft and not suitable for everyday wear.  A 14 karat gold jewelry contains 58.3% of pure solid gold and remaining  is mixed with other metals, like copper, brass, silver. Bottom line, if you are planning on wearing your fine jewelry everyday, 14k gold is an excellent choice because of its durability.
Here at Clairē Jewelry & Co. we believe quality matters. All our pieces are handcrafted in 14k solid gold- not plated, not vermeil, not filled. All of our fine jewelry are created to last a lifetime, because you deserve nothing less. 
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